Happy Trails Pony Parties


FAQ (Concessions)

Q: Do I need to pay for an operator for the snow cone/cotton candy or popcorn machines?

A: Usually not,the machines are easy and safe to operate-we always give a short demonstration-and young adults enjoy being the vendors!

Q: How much supply comes with the concessions?

A: Enough for at least 25 to 30 children (of all ages!)

Q: How long can we keep the concessions?

A: Normal rental is 3 hours

FAQ (Ponies)

Q: What to do about poo!

A: We are fully prepared to deal with clean-up(as it happens on rare occasions)both in the yard and street

Q:Will I need to remove my dog(s)?

A: We prefer that in the interest of child safety you restrain your dogs-since most dogs are not familiar with horses/ponies and may have a protective response toward them.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We will call you just before leaving the farm, and if you tell us to come, we're there!  As all of us Floridians know, the rain doesn't usually last long, or it may be raining where we are and sunny where you are.  So it's your call!

Q: Am I obligated if I need to cancel for any reason?

A: We ask that you call us as soon as you know that you need to cancel.  We understand that children get sick or emergencies happen.If you cancel before we leave the farm, then you are not obligated.

If raining, if you do not cancel or if it rains when at the party, you are still obligated.  However, we will do rides in the rain or wait it out as long as there is not a party scheduled right behind yours.

Q: How old do the children have to be?

A: We prefer the children be 2 and up, but a younger child can sit on the pony for a picture. 

We do have weight limits on our ponies, so when calling for further info, let us know the weight of the birthday child so we will know which pony would best suit him/her.

Q: Can you walk beside a timid child during the ride? Absolutely! but double riding is not permitted.  

Q: We have a zero lot line home. Where do we put the pony?

A: We do not need a lot of room.  We can walk in the front yard, make loops around the house, or walk up and down the sidewalk.

We are also welcome in most parks.  Call your local Parks Dept. and they will tell you which ones. 

And yes, we do have liability Insurance if they ask!
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